Thursday, 26 April 2012

Some Productive English Expressions

Cliché – A cliché is an expression or an idea whose usefulness has been depleted through its excess usage and familiarity. The clichés are used to reckon the ideas or action considering the former events. These clichés are used time to time and indicate the same meaning. Some of the clichés are as follows:

Every cloud has a silver lining
“Every cloud has a silver lining” is an aged old proverb which offers inspiration and encouragement to the ones who are facing difficult times. This phrase means that a good situation is bound to follow after every bad situation. Each terrible situation has a good facet attached to it which is revealed at the end. This proverb brings back the confidence in a fragile person who has become unprivileged due to adverse circumstances.

Time will tell
This expression indicates that something will become clear over the passage of time. We often use this expression to indicate a result or judgment that is to be exposed in future.

Lost track of time
This expression indicates that while doing a work the time was not measured or the attention to the time was not paid properly and the work has lasted for long.

In a jiffy
This expression indicates something that happens in a short space of time, very quickly.

Frightened to death
This expression indicates someone who is too petrified, frightened or scared.

As fit as a fiddle
This expression specifies someone who is in best shape, or is healthy and fit.

Time heals all wounds
With time everything becomes normal. This expression indicates that time is the best healer, as with the passage of time people tend to forget their miseries and focus on their present and future life.

All’s well that ends well
This expression signifies that with the satisfied outcome, the problem faced along its functioning are all forgotten. Once the desired outcome is achieved the problem faced during its execution does not hold any importance.

Sweaty palms
The expression sweaty palms indicate being extremely nervous or tensed.

Also, sometimes people are compared with some expressions like:

Brave as Lion – Lion is considered as a ferocious and brave animal, so anyone compared to lion is considered to be extremely brave.

Weak as Kitten- Kittens are the fragile animals and need constant care. Therefore, people compared to kittens are considered to be weak and delicate.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Social Networking

Picture Courtesy: David Castillo Dominici

Social networking is the most preferred pastime of all the age groups and most of the users check-in these sites each day.  There are high numbers of such sites on web where some of them have grown huge and cover highly loaded subscribers. In today’s world people from all age groups have become tech savvy and are aware about internet facilities. Moreover these social networking sites not merely strengthen the social relations but also adjoin us on the professional front.

Now reuniting with an old friend or a distant relative has become much easier with the input of such sites. Each of these sites has different concept and so they attract the attention and interests of masses accordingly. For instance, facebook holds the top most position in the social networking chart list and includes a completely different concept from twitter. Both these sites have largest number of users and are close competitors. Both of them allow sharing of information, pictures, videos and thoughts but with completely different conception.  On the other hand, Linkedin is a professionals precinct, where people from different or same professions meet and share their achievements. This site also encourages business development as organizations get acquainted with the profiles of people they are in quest of. Similarly, individuals can search for the positions of their interest and can interact with the people of their domain.

Photo Courtesy: Renjith Krishnan

Besides these, the other popular sites google + , MySpace and so forth have allured a large number of users who spend an hour or two everyday on social networking. These sites are being used for advertisements and promotional offers. Also, participation of renowned persons in such sites has afforded them with mass appeal.   

On the other hand, these social networking sites have their drawbacks too as, most of the people squander time by unnecessarily spending long hours on such sites. Especially the youngsters who chat with the fellow members gratuitously . Also, people have stopped moving out of their home zones as they spent most of their time on internet.  

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Leadership Qualities

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Leadership is all about motivating your team members, in simple words, the aim is to make slow ones do better and good ones even better. A true leader has to be sincere, trustworthy, fair-minded, assertive, inspiring and innovative.

A leader is considered to be a paradigm for others and so the person has to be flawless in every attribute. Being perfect also includes the quality of accepting and improving one's errors. We all are aware that learning  is an incessant cord and is an imperative facet of leadership traits. As the world is witnessing technological advancement and supplementary changes, each person should be dedicated to learn and impart their awareness to others, which sequentially promotes the organisation.

Also, individuals should posses the ability to acclimatize to situations and should have explicit goals which ensure proper arrangement and execution of work plan. with apparent attitude the leader will lead his team members and co-workers in a more ingenious manner.

Another essential aspect is to stimulate and appreciate others so that they feel energized and their contentment level leads an impression on their work with further improvement. seeing one's ability and utilizing it in best possible way is the major task of a leader. Also, the interaction level among the team members and hierarchy should be apparent as it guarantees healthy work standards.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Patience Level

It has been rightly believed that "patience is a companion of wisdom." A forbearing person is considered sensible and wise as he retails the talent of paying attention, of comprehending and of receiving criticism with a constructive approach.

In a group discussion, when a topic is announced each candidate is expected to present their perspective and during such sessions the aspirants even appose other's ideas and thoughts. The recruiters check the aspirants' ability of facing contradiction, no body can be completely correct or incorrect. For instance, in debatable issues there are contradictory statements, so few candidates abide for the positives and others for the negatives. Therefore each group should have the dexterity to listen to others point of view. Just emphasizing on your point and not willing to listen to others view is not considered appropriate.

Similarly, pupils should give chance to other speakers so that they can exhibit their ideas. This portrays the leadership quality of the individual.

Emphasizing on your point is completely acceptable but listening to other's point of view calmly and agreeing with the correct statement is also required. This will exhibit your friendly and warm attitude that would prove sanguine for the organisation.

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Interpersonal Skills

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Interpersonal skills include your ability to communicate with fellow beings and be able to convince them. A confidant person is expected to possess good communication skills and could be a fine leader due to the ability of conveying the appropriate information to the hierarchy members, colleagues  business partners, clientele and suppliers. This quality will motivate the subordinate and team members and can be a help in apposite decision making.

Effective communication earns goodwill to the organisation and its members and creates a jovial environment within the society. Also, it leads to better understanding of individual's interests, as everybody has a say and the lucrative ideas and suggestions are always welcomed.

With increased and better communication there stay fewer differences between the colleagues and hierarchy members as things are communicated through suitable channels. The more interaction you have the more suggestions and feedback you receive, so interpersonal skills binds the organisations as a comfortable entity welcoming discussions, suggestions and feedback.

Also, interpersonal skills encourage network building as, a person with good communication skills will entice clientele and suppliers with his/her ability by providing them appropriate information regarding the resources that the organisation is seeking or offering. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Analytical skills

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Your analytical skills portray your capability to comprehend the ideas and express them in the most apposite language that others can easily recognize. A line or a sentence can be perceived accordingly and it is up to the perceiver that how he/she understands the context. A person with good analyzing skills will surely act as a problem solver with the unmatched ability.

It is one's rational thinking that will provide an advantage of observing and answering accordingly. The main emphasis is on identifying a problem with a broader outlook, designing and trying out solutions and later executing relevant plans which will consecutively help in better decision making. This will also represent the leadership quality, the way of managing and dealing with issues.

While analyzing, one identifies pros and cons of each solution, as deep scrutiny is involved. It is the expertise that will decide on the best solution according to the need for making things right. For instance if there are two solutions for a problem, it is your ability that will examine both the solutions profoundly, taking together their merits and demerits and then deciding upon the most fitting one. 

Deviating Ideas

Photo Courtesy: Stuart Miles

Different and diverse ideas by you while participating in a group discussion will surely give you an edge over other participants. The foremost thing to be taken care of is, deciphering the question. Think over it and get the ideas as it would facilitate your power of expression. The aim is to hold the attention which is possible with deviating ideas.

For this, stay familiar with the current news and affairs so that when a question is asked in a GD one isn't left dumbstruck. Remember, most of the questions asked in a GD are either related to social issues and problems or the current affairs. So the more newspapers, articles you read and more news you watch on television or internet the more acquainted you will be with the world reports. 

Another most important thing to be cautioned about is your tone of speaking, be firm in your voice with a level of audibility. Speak forcibly but softly, your tone should not be harsh. If you are too soft then your ideas will be overlapped by someone else's voice.

Don't exhibit annoyance if you face contradiction. See, a debatable topic has conflicting standpoints so if you face disagreement do not go restless, instead stay firm on your verdict.

Pay attention to others as well, the aim is to emphasize on your point but listening and appreciation others ideas demonstrates your leadership qualities.